Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Apk Free Download


Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is a first-person zombie shooter game for Android. It is really an intense zombie shooter game you can ever have before. Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Apk Free Download Android is here.

If you like first-person shooting games and intense mount of zombies then Call of Duty(COD) Black Ops Zombies is a perfect game for you. This game brings the intensity of zombies to the next level.

It’s an old game but the excitement is still there in the game. The graphics are ok not that fancy as the modern titles are but still not bad either. If you once start to play this game, you will love this zombie shooter game for sure. This game is very addictive and easy to play.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Apk Free Download Android


COD: Black Ops Zombies is a console game and adapted for Android with some of the more popular maps. It’s a first-person shooter game that has no regular enemies. Instead of regular human enemies, this game has zombies.

You need to kill tons of zombies in order to survive. There is a single-player mode where you can play by yourself or you can join with three other players over WiFi to play co-op levels.

This game has an additional top view arcade mode that also brings a different flavor to the game.


If you ever played the console version of COD: Black Ops Zombies, you will find the most in this Android version. What the Android version offers is beyond expectations.

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This is an FPS game filled with zombies. In single-player mode, the game offers different maps like Kino der Toten, Ascension, and Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut. There is also an unlockable Dead Ops Arcade mode.

Each of these maps has different environments and areas to explore. Players need to explore new areas and fight against different enemies to slay. There are four different characters to choose from to blast the zombie’s faces. You can also choose from three difficulty levels to maintain excitement.

This game has a multiplayer co-op play mode also. You can connect with up to three players over WiFi. This enables another dimension to the strategy of each map but also changes a few small things like Quick Revive functionality.

This game is more casual with a non-committal feeling that makes you play and pass quick sessions.

Dead Ops Arcade

COD: Black Ops Zombies has a new unlockable mode called “Dead Ops Arcade.” This mini-game brings significant value to the overall package. An arcade-style shooter with a top view map that puts the player in a different scenario. The player collects powerups, treasures, and slaughters the never-ending zombies across 50 levels.

You may find more pleasure in this simple game dynamics and waste time with quick rounds. I must say that Dead Ops Arcade is as or more fun than the main maps. Progressing through the round to round is very simple.

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You need to wipe out zombies from all directions and pick up powerups, treasures, and other stuff along the way. This arcade mode is very easy to unlock. All you need to do is to explore the game’s various options and menus.

To unlock this mode, the player only needs four coins hidden in BOZ’s various menus.


As this is an old game, the controls are in this game a little shabby. They are nearly invisible but almost completely intuitive. The left side works as a joystick with a crouch control and the right side is in charge of grenades, automatic aiming, weapon switching, and melee.

The only complaint I have with this control scheme is that the quick and accurate use of the knife is difficult than it needs to be. You can easily accidentally shoot instead of swiping with the knife.


This game does not stand out when it comes to the graphics department. The game looks ok or maybe even good but compare to other titles the graphics aren’t really up to the mark.

Though the game offers “Level of Detail” in the settings with a simple slider from “Faster” to “Prettier,” but the differences seem marginal.

With that being said, I think the developers put less effort into the graphics department and more effort into the overall game dynamics. Which again makes this game more casual rather than highly developed stories or visuals.

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Personal Thought

Is COD: Black Ops Zombies another zombie shooting game? Kind of. The only thing I can see in this game is that it is based on a popular game. Besides that, this game has poor graphics and the gameplay is different from the other games.

The game has a price tag of $6.99. Which I think the game doesn’t worth. You can play Dead Trigger which has a polished visual, a better storyline, and better gameplay dynamics.

But if you value casual dynamics and don’t really care much about graphics then this may be the first-person zombie shooter game for you.


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Kill Zombies, Stay Happy.

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