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Downloading videos can be a pain, but with V.Mate Downloader, you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Download the latest version of the Video Downloader APP from below. You will get all the direct download links from our Linux Server.

With auto-detection of your video files and simple one-click downloading functionality, there’s no reason not to use this handy tool.

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So what are waiting for? Give our HD Video Downloader a try today! Click here to download the Latest Version.

This video downloader makes downloading content from the internet into your phone or tablet easier than ever before.

You can get any video you want on-demand with this program; it doesn’t matter what type of media file format they are in because everything will work just fine!

Features of the Video Downloader

  • HD Version: The video downloader app from Video Downloader HD is finally here! This free and high-definition (HD) version help you download videos with ease.
  • Powerful Download Manager: With this powerful video manager, browsing your favorite sites has never been easier – just watch the videos for free in HD quality.
  • Private Browser: If you are looking to keep all of your private files secure then Browser Private Downloader will be perfect for you; browse any site that catches your eye without having to worry about anything else at hand because these browser downloads make sure everything stays safe on their end too!
  • Never Wait: Download Manager is the best and simple download manager. It features a full-featured interface that allows you to download files in just moments, so you never have to wait long for your downloads again!
  • Fast Speed: Fast Video Downloader lets users enjoy downloading videos at fast speeds with no annoying ads or interruptions on top of them.
  • Lightweight: With this lightweight app, it’s easier than ever before to do whatever type of video watching experience suits your fancy – from small clips online all the way through blockbuster movies!
  • Download Video: If you’re looking for a way to download videos from your phone, then this is the app that’ll do it! It’s easy and only takes seconds.
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Other Details:

These are the all major features of the Video Downloader, you can also find many other features in the Google Play Store. here goes a shortlist which is other features of this app.

  • Large file download confirmed
  • Download video, music, and pictures
  • Bookmarks of Websites
  • HD video downloader
  • Download several files at the same time
  • Save downloaded files in a password-protected folder
  • Download videos in the background
  • HD video download confirmed
  • Browse videos with the built-in browser
  • Play videos offline with the built-in player
  • SD card confirmed
  • Resume failed downloads
  • Fast download speed with HD video downloader
  • Check the progress in the download bar
  • All download formats confirmed, mp3, m4a, doc, xls, pdf, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, txt, etc.
  • Auto-detect videos and easily download
  • Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads


Thi app mainly needs two permissions only. The permissions are essential for major tasks to be done by the video downloader. Here go the list of those permissions.

  1. Network: The network permission is needed to download several files from different sources. Again the network will also be used for downloading any updates for the app.
  2. Read and write SD card: Another permission for this app is the read and write permission. This permission is needed for saving the downloaded files to the SD card or the Internal phone storage.
  3. Battery Optimization: Sometimes you will be asked to turn off battery optimization to run the app in the background.
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